Revenera Monetization Monitor Report 2022

In 2022, the fourth year of Revenera’s Monetization Monitor research, respondents are still in the
midst of moving to subscription monetization models and SaaS deployments, and continue to see
the biggest growth opportunity in these areas. With reliance on perpetual licensing and on-premise
deployment models also holding strong as part of a hybrid approach, producers need clarity into how
their software is being used in order to make informed product roadmap decisions.

The driving force behind changing entitlement management and licensing strategies in the next
12–18 months is to “better support pricing and packaging changes.” In the move to secure recurring
revenue and optimize the entire quote-to-cash (Q2C) process, software suppliers must support
multiple monetization and deployment models in entitlement management systems. And they need
to support how customers want to pay for and consume software, not only as subscription/term
monetization models maintain their popularity, but as interest in consumption and metered
models grow.

Great opportunity exists for software suppliers to strengthen their monetization practices. Only about
one quarter of respondents feel that they can gather product usage data very well. Fewer than one
in three respondents feel that pricing is totally aligned with the value they provide to customers. By
improving these metrics and making informed decisions based on them, suppliers can move toward
their revenue goals.

The present report takes the pulse of software producers, offering benchmarks to help technology
companies manage the complexity of hybrid monetization and deployment models. It illustrates the
importance of data and analytics in providing insights into utilization, adoption, engagement—and
ultimately success for software suppliers and their customers.

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