July 16, 2018

Press Release

Press Release

How to ensure a high quality of service everywhere for global IoT deployments

Enterprises launching global connected services need their cellular IoT devices to connect seamlessly all over the world. But setting up connectivity is just the first stage of deployment. Running an international connected business that delivers mission-critical applications is an ongoing endeavour: end customers need services with a high level of reliability and quality, while enterprises have to commit to strong Service Level Agreements to differentiate their offering. The right tools are required to fulfil SLA commitments and meet customers’ expectations wherever in the world their devices are connected. Join Luc Vidal-Madjar, Head of IoT Solutions, and Damion Rose, Senior Product Manager, to learn how BICS can help enterprises simplify global connectivity of their devices, and deep-dive into connectivity performance details at a SIM level to assure a high quality, differentiated service for their customers. BICS provides simple, cost-efficient global connectivity for IoT. Its SIM for Things solution enables enterprises to deploy, manage and monetise their connected services on a global scale. Combined with SMART Webvision, enterprises benefit from full control over the quality of their global connected business.

IoT Contract Hot List – January/February 2021

Get the inside track on who’s winning what IoT businessIt’s free to be included in The Contract Hot List, which shows the companies announcing major contract wins and deployments. Email your contract details to us now, marked “Hot List” at hotlist@wkm-global.com 

A global IoT solution for monitoring indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality is detrimental to our health, economy and workplace productivity, especially in an environment dominated by COVID-19. Real-time airborne monitoring can help prevent the spread of airborne disease, including COVID-19 pathogens. Now, more than ever, businesses need measures in place to protect their workforce and customers from potential airborne hazards and disruptions. Download as a PDF

Extending battery life is an entry point to profitable IoT

Industry 4.0 is a leap into new revenue streams for today’s manufacturers, with the help of data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The drive towards efficient transmission of data has launched technologies such as NB-IoT and CAT-M, that allow for more intelligent data transmission and power consumption. Using these technologies, but taking them further still, floLIVE has developed a unique approach that comprises three routes to reduced latency. This white paper includes: -The answer to extending the battery life of IoT devices, making IoT truly profitable -Three varied approaches to reduce latency and therefore improve performance -The best way to balance connectivity with challenges such as roaming, security and compliance -A thorough checklist for manufacturers to make sure they cover all of their bases when launching IoT projects Download as a PDF

Press Release

Silex Insight’s TRNG selected for MiG-V from HENSOLDT Cyber

Silex Insight, a provider of embedded security IP cores, has entered into an agreement with HENSOLDT Cyber, a developer of secure embedded systems for the IT market, to use Silex Insight’s True Random Number Generator (TRNG) as part of the highly secur…
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Eseye focuses on North American growth, appoints Zayas as director of channels and alliances

Global IoT connectivity provider, Eseye, has appointed Edwin Zayas to its management team, as channels and alliances director. The appointment of Zayas as alliances director sees him take overall responsibility for Eseye’s growing list of global strategic partners, including Eseye’s AnyNet federation of mobile network operators (MNOs), global system integrators and technology partners. As a key […]

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AIROC Wi-Fi & Bluetooth combo chip brings better connectivity to TomTom’s new satnav

TomTom GO Discover, developed by TomTom, the location technology company, is one of the quick and powerful satnavs on the market today. The satnav with its 5, 6, and 7-inch display leverages the AIROC CYW43455 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip from Infineon Technologies AG. The AIROC wireless solution combines Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac) and Bluetooth […]

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Will cellular private networks power enterprise IoT?

The coming of 5G and the robust, high-capacity bandwidth of LTE is attracting organisations to cellular options for high-speed private networks. In this issue of Tech Trends, editor George Malim and Transforma Insights founding partner Matt Hatton, exp…
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Reimagine your business in 2021: Why you don’t have to be a unicorn to offer innovative digital services

The telecoms industry has been targeting digital services for many years, looking to serve new and existing customers with additional digital offerings. However, until recently the digital service provider has been a unicorn. Now, though, the situation…
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