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How dr Lana Burrell reached the top of pharma

No one climbs Everest alone – It is undoubtedly safer to climb with a team. A buddy keeps an eye on you as you climb higher, understands emergency signals and creates a better environment. The same can be said for the pharma industry. Knowing where you…
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Securing the Digital Frontier: Navigating Challenges and Best Practices in Digital Identity Verification

The webinar will take a deep dive into the central role that phone numbers as a Digital Identity play in facilitating commerce, supporting businesses, and both business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to business communications – and best practices for …
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AI at the Edge: Future of memory and storage in accelerating intelligence

The expanding use of AI in industry is accelerating more complex approaches — including machine learning (ML), deep learning and even large language models. These advancements offer a glimpse of the massive amounts of data expected to be used at the ed…
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