IoT Now Contract Hot List – Nov/Dec 2022

The IoT Now Contract Hot List for November and December 2022 shows the Internet of Things contracts placed worldwide and reported in the last 2 months. Get the inside track on who’s winning what IoT business.

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Vendor/PartnerClient, CountryProduct/Service (Duration & Value)AwardedSource
Actasys AlstomVendors sign development agreement to protect train control and monitoring systems.12,22Full Details
AdvantechActility Launch of integrated AI-based solution, supporting machine operation team. 11,22Full Details
AerisEricssonAgreement for transfer of Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator and Connected Vehicle Cloud businesses.12,22Full Details
Aesculap QMed Innovations Deal offers inventory management experience to help increase efficiencies, reduce costs, ensure compliance.12,22Full Details
Agora HTC, Magic LeapAlliance to offer real-time engagement, XR innovations across sectors.12,22Full Details
Airgain Errigal Deal to develop solutions in wireless systems, network monitoring tools.12,22Full Details
Alif Semiconductor Telit Partnership on ML, wireless cloud connectivity solutions for edge devices.11,22Full Details
Aligned Data Centers ODATAAcquisition expands Aligned’s expansion into Latin America with footprint spanning approximately 2 GW across 30 sites.12,22Full Details
Aqara LG Uplus, South KoreaAlliance to upgrade co-branded smart home security solution for local users.11,22Full Details
AstrocastAvirtechSmart farming deal that enable data-driven intelligent farm control system in remote areas.12,22Full Details
ASUS IoT Media Broadcast Deal to implement five IoT smart city solutions at various locations across Germany.11,22Full Details
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Visteon Vendors collaborate to enable vehicle connected services platform.12,22Full Details
Baicells QualcommVendors collaborate to evolve 5G private networks for Industry 4.0 environments.12,22Full Details
Bharti AirtelTP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL)Cellular IoT solution mandate to power 200,000 smart meters.12,22Full Details
BICSAble Device Deal to deliver automated connectivity between private and public networks.11,22Full Details
BlackBerry AWSExtends use of AWS making BlackBerry QNX technology available to embedded systems developers in cloud.11,22Full Details
Carrier GlobalAWSCollaboration deal to offer additional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions in AWS Marketplace. 12,22Full Details
CerebrumXToyotaAlliance to reduce fleet management costs with connected vehicle data.12,22Full Details
Ciena Benu NetworksAcquires Benu Networks, outlines intention to pick up Tibit Communications.11,22Full Details
ClearBladeSumitomo Corporation of AmericasInvestment to provide SCOA and affiliated companies’ access to ClearBlade’s software.11,22Full Details
Cognitive SystemsMaxLinear Partner to expand Wi-Fi sensing accessibility for broadband platforms.11,22Full Details
Continental AmbarellaIntegration of Ambarella’s scalable system-on-chip family in ADAS solutions.11,22Full Details
Couchbase AWSMulti-year deal to provide users integrated go-to-market activities, commercial incentives, technology integrations.12,22Full Details
Couchbase on AWS ArthrexEnables Arthrex to improve patient outcomes with IoT data collected at the edge.11,22Full Details
Cue Health Minnesota Department of HealthDeal to provide statewide telehealth of treatment services to residents at no cost.11,22Full Details
Deloitte AWSVendors launch Olympus investment fund to build collaborative industry cloud solutions.12,22Full Details
DeltaTrak Ericsson IoT Vendors combat food waste with real-time cold chain traceability.11,22Full Details
DHLink SHOPLINE Logistics Deal to develop cross-border logistics, and enhance transport efficiency.11,22Full Details
Disrupt-XLORIOT MoU to support implementation of IoT solutions using LoRaWAN infrastructure mainly in European market. 11,22Full Details
Duke EnergyAWSMulti-year deal to boost utility’s development of grid solutions to benefit users, help advance clean energy transition.11,22Full Details
DWF LabsChainlink LabsDeal to boost growth of Web3 in Korea, providing enterprises with universal gateway to all blockchains.11,22Full Details
EnergousCAP-XX Deal to develop battery-free wireless IoT devices. 12,22Full Details
Energous SensirionDeal to develop maintenance-free CO2 sensors powered wirelessly over IAQ improvement. 11,22Full Details
EnOceanParabellum Acquisition Agreement to bring sustainable IoT offerings to public markets. 11,22Full Details
EricssonThales Vendors launch IoT accelerator device connected with eSIMs for enterprises.12,22Full Details
Esri Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) Expansion of MoU using explosives mapping technology to help people return home, use their land safely. 12,22Full Details Smartenit Vendors launch low-cost, smart EV charging cable to promote equitable access.11,22Full Details
EY Software AG Vendors help organisations digitise,  transform using BPM, IoT and integration platforms.12,22Full Details
FabricReplyPartnership to offer brands, retailers integration to a single point solution for warehouse management system.11,22Full Details
Faraday Infineon Collaboration to develop SONOS eFlash platform on UMC’s 40uLP process.12,22Full Details
FASTSIGNSWi-Charge Vendors debut wireless, over-the-air charging solution.12,22Full Details
Federated Wireless AWS Deal to deploy private wireless with Cal Poly for 5G network.11,22Full Details
FLASH Cohesion Partner to boost integration of connected mobility into smart buildings.11,22Full Details
GeotabAgero Chosen to improve, modernise vehicle disablement assistance.12,22Full Details
GlobalstarWiagroAgreement that allows for remote monitoring of grain conditions stored in silo bags. 12,22Full Details
GreyOrangeIdnetAlliance that allows Idnet to offer GreyOrange’s autonomous robots, GreyMatter operating system to retailers.11,22Full Details
GridX SEW Vendors partner to boost utility industry, deliver ‘superior’ customer experiences.12,22Full Details
Hayden AI Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)Expansion of MTA’s automated bus lane enforcement (ABLE) programme with 300 mobile perception systems.12,22Full Details
Healthfully Tenovi Partnership to offer simplified remote patient monitoring devices.11,22Full Details
HERE TechnologiesBMW GroupUtilising of HERE HD Live Map to enable hands-free driving in the US, Canada. 11,22Full Details
HERE TechnologiessmartSelects HERE to provide connected vehicle services for all-new electric SUV.11,22Full Details
Hexagon ZF Group Advance integration of positioning solutions into autonomous driving systems.11,22Full Details
HimaxWentai Deal to build smart workspace environments for improved sustainability.12,22Full Details
HydraForce Tan Delta Systems, ElevātVendors help eliminate common causes of off-highway machine downtime.12,22Full Details
iNESS 360 Bentley SystemsiNESS Data Twins of Commercial Spaces integrates human behavior modeling using Bentley’s iTwin platform.12,22Full Details
InfineonFingerprints Cooperation on SECORA Pay Bio solution to boost biometric payment cards.11,22Full Details
InfineonMemfault Deal to improve IoT development and in-field iteration for more reliable devices.11,22Full Details
Infineon Rainforest ConnectionVendors use sensor technology to protect vulnerable regions.12,22Full Details
Inmarsat GovernmentRocket Lab Partnership to develop L-band radio in support of NASA’s CSP.11,22Full Details
Innoviz Outsight Deal to accelerate LiDAR adoption in smart cities, industrial applications.12,22Full Details
Inspur Information Atos PolandExpansion of its local capabilities in Europe, bringing IT infrastructure solutions to local customers.11,22Full Details
Itron Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE)Deal to connect and manage 260,000 Itron smart streetlights across the utility’s service territory. 12,22Full Details
JumboHanshowPartnership with retail solutions provider Hanshow to digitally transform its network of stores.11,22 Full Details
Kerlink GISupply Partners launch water quality monitoring system for Japan’s aquaculture industry.12,22Full Details
KerlinkSRETT Partners install LoRaWAN system to monitor gas field in Nigeria.12,22Full Details
Knowles TrillbitAlliance to simplify setup of voice-integrated smart devices for OEMs and consumers.12,22Full Details
KORECare DailyCollaboration uses AI and IoT to improve quality of life for senior citizens. 12,22Full Details
KOREGoogle CloudMulti-year alliance leverages Google Cloud infrastructure and capabilities, and KORE’s IoT solutions. 12,22Full Details
Korea MaritimeOcean UniversityAlliance to offer signal design for SWIPT system, improve growth of IoT ecosystem.12,22Full Details
KYOCERA AVXIoT M2M Council (IMC)Helps Kyocera improve speed-to-market for IoT adopters with holistic approach to hardware, connectivity in product design.12,22Full Details
Laird ConnectivityBoundary DevicesAcquisition to grow Laird Connectivity SOM portfolio for customer applications.12,22Full Details
LantronixHotel Marcel Deal announces its smart managed gigabit PoE++ SM24TBT2DPB switch utilised in powering net-zero energy hotel. 11,22Full Details
Lindsay Ceres ImagingDeal using FieldNET platform to deliver support for precision agriculture.11,22Full Details
Linux Foundation Rancher Alliance to support US government, military mission to securely modernise tech.11,22Full Details
Linux FoundationRISC-V Deal to offer knowledge, skills necessary to RISC-V hardware, software professionals.12,22Full Details
MaxLinear Microchip Debut hybrid gateway with backhaul for smart grid industry.12,22Full Details
Microsoft Viasat Deal to deliver internet access to under-served communities globally.12,22Full Details
MindtickleTech Mahindra Collaboration to provide clients with a unified, tech-enabled platform to enhance sales effectiveness.12,22Full Details
Motional LyftDeal to bring driverless ride-hail service in Los Angeles.11,22Full Details
Motorola SolutionsLithuanian national policeOver 2,500 VB400 body-worn cameras are being deployed to the Lithuanian national police and border guard service. 12,22Full Details
MovellaFixposition Deal to boost development, commercialisation of GNSS inertial navigation sensors.12,22Full Details
NeonodeEPICNPOC Vendors sign MoU to deliver multimodal HMI development platform for automotive OEMs, tier-one suppliers. 12,22Full Details
NextNavNestwaveAcquisition of Nestwave to deliver near nationwide resilient 3D PNT capabilities.  11,22Full Details
Nordic Semiconductoradhoc networks smart waste solution deploys Nordic’s nRF9160 SiP for cellular IoT cloud connectivity.11,22Full Details
Nordic SemiconductorMicrotronicsAdoption of Nordic’s nRF9160 low power SiP with integrated LTE-M/NB-IoT modem and GNSS. 11,22Full Details
Nordic SemiconductorSemiconsouls LiNT device uses Nordic nRF52833 SoC for Bluetooth LE connectivity, location finding.12,22Full Details
Novalink AbeewayVendors join forces to provide IoT alert systems for patients in healthcare.11,22Full Details
ORBCOMM ZIM Integrated Shipping ServicesUses ORBCOMM’s fleet management platform for remote monitoring of their refrigerated containers.11,22Full Details
OspitekBEST Health System Deal to improve outpatient surgical experience using IoT, AI technologies. 12,22Full Details
Ospitek Spine Center Atlanta Deal to implement IoT, AI enabled platform to streamline processes, increase profitability.11,22Full Details
PAVmed Novosound Collaboration to advance intravascular imaging technology.11,22Full Details
Pepper NotionAlliance to create IoT, smart home platform business to offer insurance carriers.12,22Full Details
PhosphorusRedaptDeal to offer xIoT security to US enterprises for attack surface management and remediation capabilities.11,22Full Details
Pod GroupMetAlert Chooses Pod Group’s ENO ONE eSIM solution to connect SmartSole healthcare application.11,22Full Details
PowercastKYOCERA AVXVendors team on battery-free solutions to boost ESLs, sensors and other IoT devices.12,22Full Details
PowerfleetClickNowDeal strengthens Powerfleet’s focus to provide solutions across business operations, expand safety capabilities. 11,22Full Details
Provenance Tags Concordium Integration to offer encrypted, secure Track & Trace IoT platform.12,22Full Details
prpl FoundationCableLabs Vendors join forces to improve Wi-Fi connectivity for mobile devices. 11,22Full Details
PTC ServiceMaxDeal to acquire ServiceMax for $1.46 billion to boost PTC’s closed-loop product lifecycle management (PLM) offerings.11,22Full Details
Quantela T-Mobile Deal to connect Quantela’s NBIoT street light controllers to T-Mobile’s nationwide network. 12,22Full Details
RADWINCogent Distribution Partner to stock, distribute wireless broadband solutions across the UK.11,22Full Details
ReeceSnapLogicLeverages SnapLogic to ‘unclog its pipes’, allowing free flow of data to boost modernisation journey.12,22Full Details
Renault Group Qualcomm Technologies Deal to co-develop a centralised platform architecture for software defined vehicles.11,22Full Details
Rotary InternationalAccion Labs Deal to offer digital transformation services.11,22Full Details
Sapiens International Toyota SegurosAgreement to transform and modernise business for total core digital transformation.11.22Full Details
Savant Sunnova Deal delivers smart power solutions, making clean energy more accessible and affordable.12,22Full Details
Season GroupPycom Acquisition of Pycom to boost IoT capabilities, development for customers.12,22Full Details
SecuriThingsAxis Communications Deal to improve management of physical security devices.11,22Full Details
SecuriThingsHanwha Deal to enable users to manage, secure their physical security infrastructures.12,22Full Details
Seeed Studio LORIOT Deal to support IoT ecosystem with goal of implementing LoRaWAN globally.11,22Full Details
Semtech AWSVendors create low-power IoT track and trace services with LoRa cloud geolocation.12,22Full Details
Semtech ExegerDeal to combine Semtech’s LoRa Edge asset management platform with Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar cell technology.11,22Full Details
Semtech Nordic PropeyeIntegration of Semtech’s LoRa devices, LoRaWAN standard into HVAC optimisation solution to reduce energy consumption.12,22Full Details
Senet LimnoTech Partner to deploy a public LoRaWAN network across the Great Lakes region. 11,22Full Details
SentinelOneAWSSupports hunting, threat investigations, forensics on cloud logs within SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform.12,22Full Details
Sensible 4UD Trucks, JapanPartnership to automate ‘heavy-duty’ truck, enabling autonomous transportation, and dumping of material. 12,22Full Details
Sepura SoftilChooses Softil’s MCPTX tech for initial responder handheld, vehicle MCX devices and applications.11,22Full Details
Shoplogix ProxiaAcquisition of Proxia, to build on Industry 4.0 solution portfolio.11,22Full Details
Sequans CommunicationsFlorLinkVendors collaborate on FlorLink’s SmartHub retail solution to improve security, increase sales opportunities.12,22Full Details
Sidus Space Capital CEnter into MoU to provide maritime satellite design and surveillance.11,22Full Details
SiemensHilscher Deal to provide users with flexible communication protocols to industrial companies.11,22Full Details
SiemensOsprey Charging Align to boost delivery of new public electric vehicle charging sites.12,22Full Details
Sierra WirelessFirstNet Vendors offer FirstNet connectivity along with Sierra Wireless modules and routers. 12,22Full Details
Skyworks BroadcomDeliver power efficiency for Wi-Fi 6/6E-enabled devices in enterprise, IoT products.12,22Full Details
Skyworks Sequans Communications Debut SKY66431, a 5G IoT SiP solution integrating Sequans’ Monarch 2 modem with Skyworks’ RF front-end solution.11,22Full Details
SpotLite360 KORcannabisExpansion of contract that provides design services, equipment and technology.11,22Full Details
SpotLite360 TrackX Holdings Acquisition to boost revenue opportunities, improve supply chain visibility solutions.12,22Full Details
Social Mobile Converge IoT Partnership to deliver custom mobility solutions to US market.12,22Full Details
SOLIZE India Toray Engineering Partner for injection molding CAE system 3DTIMON.12,22Full Details
SOS Cash & ValueWearinSecurity guards adopt Wearin’s high-tech vest with environmental, biometric sensors.11,22Full Details
ST Engineering iDirectBolivian Space Agency (ABE)Deal to upgrade satellite ground network underscoring future business strategy.12,22Full Details
STMicroelectronicsEMVCoSecures EMVCo certification for biometric-payment platform, cutting time-to-market for card issuers.11,22Full Details
SyntaxSiemens EnergyDeal to design, implement SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) infrastructure across over 80 production sites.12,22Full Details
Taoglas Ryoyo Electro Deal brings Taoglas’ portfolio to Japanese users across verticals. 11,22Full Details
Tata Communications Intertec SystemsVendors set up cybersecurity operations centre in UAE, boost cyber defence of enterprises.11,22Full Details
Tele2 EBS Partner to deliver IoT connectivity, including LTE-M and 5G services.11,22Full Details
Telit Lantech Vendors partner to improve shipment costs, serviceability and load quality.11,22Full Details
Tuya WinSharp Deal to boost digitalisation of India’s manufacturing industry.11,22Full Details
Tuya YiyenAlliance to build a sustainable future using smart energy management solutions. 12,22Full Details
u-blox GMV Alliance to develop market-ready end-to-end safe positioning solutions for ADAS.11,22Full Details
uCloudlinkApollo EV Deal to offer high-quality in-vehicle network connectivity solutions.11,22Full Details
UL SolutionsAttuneAttune’s Indoor Air Quality Sensor secures environmental claim validation from UL Solutions.12,22Full Details
USTIntel, SAP Collaboration to digitise Industry 4.0 journey for Malaysian SMEs.12,22Full Details
Vallianz HoldingsInmarsatBoosts digitalisation of fleet of offshore support vessels using comprehensive connectivity services from Inmarsat.11,22Full Details
Viakoo Nozomi Networks Delivers end-to-end, agentless IoT enterprise security management solution to address vulnerabilities. 11,22Full Details
VinFast T-Mobile Selection of T-Mobile as global connectivity provider for electric vehicles.12,22Full Details
WatersightNewsight Imaging Vendors start field testing at MEKOROT’s water monitoring facility to pilot water monitoring program using AquaRing.11,22Full Details
Werner EnterprisesSamsaraChosen Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud to boost safety and driver experience.12,22Full Details
Wirepas Mesh RFPowercom Selects Wirepas Mesh to connect smart metres wirelessly and speed up roll outs.11,22Full Details