From physical to digital: How eSIMs are transforming the future of connectivity

Description: With 14 billion devices expected to have eSIM capabilities by 2030, there is no doubt the technology replacing physical SIM cards is booming now. In this podcast, Gabriel Salvate, Director of Strategy Business Development at BICS, introduces eSIMs and talks about their benefits from both the technical and use case perspectives. He guides listeners through the topics of remote provisioning or over-the-air management. Gabriel also explains how enterprises today leverage the possibility of having multiple profiles stored in one eSIM. He illustrates the differences between eSIM for IoT and consumer use, and presents trending use cases (like the popular one, the communication between electric cars). The podcast is wrapped up with three key takeaways for enterprises, so they can move forward to eSIM adoption today and get scalable and effective connectivity solutions for their IoT deployments.