Expert Panel Webinar on “How IoT enables the tracking of assets”

Where are my assets? IoT is enabling secure tracking of high value moving assets. Knowing where things are at any given time can be critical to transforming business operations – reducing risk, saving money, improving efficiency, and potentially even driving new service revenue. But what technology is required to enable this business transformation? How do you make sense of it all and choose the best option for your IoT initiative? We have assembled a panel of industry experts to help you do just that.

IoT is enabling us to track things we never could have before thanks to new technologies and smaller form factors.

  • Animals: Pets, Cows, Sheep, & Seals
  • People: Children, Prisoners, & Divers
  • Things: Luggage, Packages, & Bikes
  • Fleets: Vehicles, Boats, Bikes & Scooters
  • Equipment: Road signs, Bulldozers, & Shelving

Our expert panel will address how to navigate around the challenges of IoT and how to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes & streamline the development, deployment, and operation of IoT solutions for moving assets.
  • Navigate the rapid evolution of IoT technology: GNSS, cellular, LPWA, IoT SIMs & eUICC, device management, cloud services and platforms.
  • Simplify your IoT development & align your cost structure with your business model.
  • Customer use cases on how IoT is transforming asset tracking.