Demystifying Industrial IoT Connectivity

Looking for a way to advance to Industry 4.0 while obtaining a competitive edge AND driving new revenue though the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

IIoT is driving disruptive transformation by breaking down product silos, increasing engineering efficiency, enabling cross-functional innovation, and creating new value-added connected services. “Eighty percent of the industrial segment believes that the IoT will be transformative and disruptive, but 90% feel they are unprepared for these changes”, according to Derek O’Halloran, head of information technology and electronics industries, and member of the leadership team, at the World Economic Forum.

Accuracy of data transmission in IIoT not only affects operational costs and revenue, but also employee safety. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure you get the right IoT connectivity for your IIoT deployment. But with so many IoT connectivity options, how do you make sense of it all and ensure you choose the best option for your IoT initiative? We have assembled industry experts as to help you do just that.

Attend our webinar to learn how to navigate the challenges of IoT and to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes by understanding the top four challenges with IIoT deployments
  • Simplify the IIoT by streamlining the development, deployment, and operation of IoT solutions
  • Understand the top three considerations when choosing IoT Connectivity
  • Future proof your IoT solution by preparing for the rapid evolution of IoT technology: GNSS, LPWA, IoT SIMs/eUICC, device management and platforms