From physical to digital: How eSIMs are transforming the future of connectivity

Description: With 14 billion devices expected to have eSIM capabilities by 2030, there is no doubt the technology replacing physical SIM cards is booming now. In this podcast, Gabriel Salvate, Director of Strategy Business Development at BICS, introduces eSIMs and talks about their benefits from both the technical and use case perspectives. He guides listeners through the topics of remote provisioning or over-the-air management. Gabriel also explains how enterprises today leverage the possibility of having multiple profiles stored in one eSIM. He illustrates the differences between eSIM for IoT and consumer use, and presents trending use cases (like the popular one, the communication between electric cars). The podcast is wrapped up with three key takeaways for enterprises, so they can move forward to eSIM adoption today and get scalable and effective connectivity solutions for their IoT deployments.

Podcast: Looking at permanent roaming and its impact on IoT projects, with Arul Vaz

In this podcast, Arul Vaz, Senior Business Manager at BICS, walks us through the challenges of permanent roaming. He explains what it is, and how permanent roaming can impact IoT projects, especially as countries including China, Brazil, and the USA have introduced restrictions that affect multi-country deployment. He also looks at how BICS’ SIM for Things can help IoT companies – and OEMs, in particular – with a simple, scalable solution managed from a single platform and network that complies with permanent roaming regulations in local markets worldwide.

Achieving seamless connectivity and device management with BICS’ IoT eSIM

BICS’ business development director for IoT, Gabriel Salvate describes GSMA categories for eSims for consumers and IoT devices. He also discusses BICS’ IoT eSIM, which allows enterprises to manage connectivity and devices effortlessly on a single platform. The solution won a MEFFY award for simplifying connectivity for global IoT projects for enterprises. Interested in finding out more?

Podcast: From local mastery to global expansion: The IoT journey with Singtel and Bridge Alliance

In this Trending Tech Podcast episode, Jim Morrish of Transforma Insights navigates the intricate landscape of IoT connectivity in Asia. Joined by Ignatius Lee from Singtel and Alan Yeo from Bridge Alliance, the trio delves into the challenges and potential of cellular IoT solutions in the region. From Smart Nation initiatives to vision of becoming a global connectivity gateway, the conversation offers a deep dive into the future of IoT in Asia and beyond.

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How can IoT simplify adding visibility and intelligence to supply chains?

Did you know that inventory distortion costs businesses around the world a staggering $1.9 trillion every year? That’s why smart retailers are investing in cloud-connected IoT solutions that give them greater control and agility over their supply chains. But how do you find or create the best IoT solution for your business without getting lost in the complexity? Join us for this webinar and discover how the Qualcomm® Aware Platform can help you achieve digital transformation for the logistics industry. You will learn:

  • What is inventory distortion and how it affects your bottom line
  • How real-time inventory visibility can help you optimize your operations and reduce costs
  • How the Qualcomm® Aware Platform simplifies IoT deployment and management
  • How to get started with Qualcomm Aware and see immediate results

BICS and Avnet partner for global connectivity management

Avnet and BICS partnership provides a powerful platform for managing connectivity all around the world. With the integration of BICS’ platform into Avnet IoT Connect, customers can manage everything in one single platform. This partnership brings a full design, including connectivity and security, to ensure a good customer experience.