Smart Transportation

Transport and logistics were one of the earliest use cases for cellular connected devices and in many countries, remain the largest application areas. Suppliers initially targeted the market with IoT solutions focused on high-value assets, such as containers and the heavy good vehicles that carried them, where the return on investment was easily demonstrable.

Smart Agriculture

Global demand for agricultural products is on the rise. By applying advanced technologies in agricultural production, farmers are able to measure and manage the variability of crops in the fields and animals within the herds. Connected equipment, sensors and controllers are being deployed across farms worldwide to increase yield in order to meet the growing demand for food driven by population growth and urbanisation.

IoT Connectivity

Possibly the most common question about LPWA network technologies is which will win, writes Tom Rebbeck, the research director for enterprise and IoT at Analysys Mason. There remains no clear answer, based on what we saw in 2017. LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT and Sigfox all announced some notable new networks to extend their coverage

Industrial IoT

Connected industry is the largest segment within IoT, comprising more than 30% of the market in 2017. It overlaps with the overall I4.0 market, however I4.0 has a broader scope, as it aims to optimise the entire manufacturing value chain and includes other supporting technologies such as additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality, and collaborative robotics.