How to ensure a high quality of service everywhere for global IoT deployments

Enterprises launching global connected services need their cellular IoT devices to connect seamlessly all over the world. But setting up connectivity is just the first stage of deployment. Running an international connected business that delivers mission-critical applications is an ongoing endeavour: end customers need services with a high level of reliability and quality, while enterprises have to commit to strong Service Level Agreements to differentiate their offering. The right tools are required to fulfil SLA commitments and meet customers’ expectations wherever in the world their devices are connected. Webinar link::

How OEMs can accelerate IoT deployments with embedded global connectivity – Roundtable

Connectivity is reshaping how OEMs approach product design. Now, hardware manufacturers need to produce devices and applications that can connect instantly to a network, in any corner of the world. To succeed, they require high quality, reliable and secure global connectivity that can be embedded while in the factory and managed in a simple and cost-effective manner thereafter. In this roundtable, you will learn how OEMs can integrate global cellular connectivity to quickly deploy new IoT solutions around the world, unlock revenue growth, and tap into new commercial opportunities, with the IoT connectivity experts from BICS and hardware experts from Avnet Silica. Webinar link:

BICS IoT solutions: Insurance

BICS SIM For Things allows insurance providers to offer connected solutions, pricing, and services to a wide base of customers. It can improve every aspect of the value chain from product development, marketing and sales, pricing, policy administration, underwriting, claims and value-added services through better risk assessment and business intelligence. Download as a PDF

BICS IoT solutions: Security

BICS SIM for Things allows security providers to offer connected solutions for home and business monitoring. By embedding global connectivity in their monitoring devices, security companies can offer more reliable and interconnected options to keep people and their belongings safe, wherever in the world they need protection. Download as a PDF