Smooth Sailing Ahead, as Hefring Onboards floNET for Global Insight into its Marine Ecosystem

Hefring Marine is an Icelandic company, founded in 2018, with ambitions to become a leader in intelligent data processing and interpretation solutions in the maritime industry. By using telematics, the Hefring Marine digital AI co-pilot solution helps operators and fleet managers to improve safety, comfort and effciency, in real-time. The system monitors and analyzes a vessel’s speed, movement and operating conditions and provides intelligent on-board decision-making support for speed optimization, as well as on-shore capabilities for real-time tracking, statistics and reporting. As part of the solution, Hefring deploys sensors onto vessels, to track how the boats behave, their locations, maintenance requirements, and more. As the boats could be anywhere, and the company was scaling out of Iceland to new locations around the world, this needed to have seamless global connectivity, without any blind spots. By utilizing the floNET solution offered by Channel Tools, Hefring is now able to gain granular insight into the performance of its vessels, without the need to partner up with multiple vendors or mobile network operators. No matter how many vessels are out of dock, managers can see the status and activity of each boat, from one centralized dashboard. Download as a PDF

Extending battery life is an entry point to profitable IoT

Industry 4.0 is a leap into new revenue streams for today’s manufacturers, with the help of data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The drive towards efficient transmission of data has launched technologies such as NB-IoT and CAT-M, that allow for more intelligent data transmission and power consumption. Using these technologies, but taking them further still, floLIVE has developed a unique approach that comprises three routes to reduced latency. This white paper includes: -The answer to extending the battery life of IoT devices, making IoT truly profitable -Three varied approaches to reduce latency and therefore improve performance -The best way to balance connectivity with challenges such as roaming, security and compliance -A thorough checklist for manufacturers to make sure they cover all of their bases when launching IoT projects Download as a PDF

Does your BSS offer these 5 Things?

If you’re a mobile provider looking to adopt IoT use cases – let’s get it right. A legacy Business Support System is built for traditional use cases, while IoT demands its own functionality, including added flexibility, automation and control. Our whitepaper looks at the must-haves for a next-gen BSS that supports IoT, discussing: – How to start small and scale as you grow using the might of the cloud – Why a smart CRM is the simplest route to customer flexibility – Specific use cases for levelling up using real-time visibility and control -What you should expect from a sophisticated billing and rating engine -The technology stack that provides self-management and control. Download as a PDF

NB-IoT vs LTE-M: Which is the best choice for your IoT application?

Time is running out as 2G and 3G networks gradually sunset across the world, forcing many legacy use cases to be transferred to new connectivity technology. NB-IoT and LTE-M have entered the market as two new network technologies created for enabling global IoT connectivity and capable of supporting LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) technology. As they steadily become available across the world, LTE-M and NB-IoT are viable options for industries looking to future proof their IoT devices and offer better coverage, longer lasting batteries and lower device cost. But which of the two is the better choice for your IoT application? How are they different and how will they affect the market? At the core of every successful IoT application is a carefully considered connectivity strategy. This white paper is a comprehensive guide to making an informed choice. It explores the benefits and challenges of each technology and addresses all the pertinent questions you may have about LTE-M and NB-IoT. Download as a PDF