5 tips to monetize the internet of things

If you’re responsible for in manufacturing intelligent connected devices, then you know the playing field has drastically changed in recent years. Churning out new physical devices to try and keep up with changing consumer expectations and demands for flexibility is no longer sustainable.

Instead, IoT manufacturers must look to software solutions to reduce costs while maximising customer satisfaction and revenue.

Revenera is a software company specialising in software installation, software composition analysis, and software monetization solutions.  Its IoT Monetization Solutions empower businesses to create new revenue streams, protect their IP, and unleash the full value of their products and services to enhance customer experiences and build brand loyalty.

In this eBook, Revenera provides actionable advice for how IoT product and service providers can unleash the full potential of their solutions.

Each tip is backed up by a real-life use case of how organisations deployed Revenera’s software monetisation platform to unlock these opportunities.

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