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Securing cellular enterprise IoT solutions

In the first steps on the road to digital transformation of the enterprise, a billion cellular IoT devices have already been connected worldwide. Yet this transformation is just getting going – billions more will follow and grow…
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Smartrac partners with Honk to launch the “future of parking”

Smartrac, a global provider of RFID technology and solutions, partners with Honk Mobile, a technology company that is reshaping the future of parking by enabling the fastest and most convenient customer experience with the virtual parking metre, HonkTAP. Smartrac is supplying Honk with its customised ‘Block On-Metal’ NFC tags, providing best-in-class products and tapping functionality. […]

The post Smartrac partners with Honk to launch the “future of parking” appeared first on IoT global network.

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Autonomous vehicles and data as the fuel of the future

The automotive industry is starting to recognise that data is quickly becoming the new ‘fuel’ for the sector. And, says Charles Eagan, chief technology officer, BlackBerry, forward-looking automakers envision a future where they will be able to combine and analyse various pieces of information from different vehicle systems. The data accessed will reveal things such […]

The post Autonomous vehicles and data as the fuel of the future appeared first on IoT Now Transport.

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IoT – make it safe to connect. We’re here to help.

As an IoT business, you’ll want to make sure your products are successful in the market, you manage your liabilities and you take care of your customers.
IoT Security Foundation’s (IoTSF) mission is to make it safe to connect so the many benefits of Io…
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IoT: Where are we going wrong?

When Jeremy Cowan, IoT Now’s editorial director & publisher, was asked to moderate and open the 7th IoT Forum CE (June 5th, Vienna, Austria) the brief for his presentation was “Industrial IoT: Where are we going?” By the time he’d finished drafting…
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