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The Internet of Things: Managing the influx of data

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought about radical transformations across a range of industries over recent years, for instance optimising fleet management to improving crop production in agriculture. Yet, says Collibra’s CTO and co-founder, Stijn …
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FPT, Yamaha Motor, and Ecopark join forces to develop self-driving vehicles

Vietnam’s leading information technology company FPT, Japanese motorcycle maker Yamaha Motor (Yamaha) and urban developer Ecopark have entered into a memorandum of understanding to develop self-driving electric vehicles through FPT’s autonomous technologies. According to the MoU, FPT will develop autonomous driving software on a Yamaha electric vehicle based on a golf car, powered by Artificial […]

The post FPT, Yamaha Motor, and Ecopark join forces to develop self-driving vehicles appeared first on IoT global network.

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AI in transport could harm women if data excludes them

Annie Turner explains why AI must not only reflect the world as perceived by those who create it if transport is going to become for everybody in the era of automated vehicles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is foundational to automation, which in turn underpins IoT. The volume, velocity and variety of data that will be generated […]

The post AI in transport could harm women if data excludes them appeared first on IoT Now Transport.

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Flat rate IoT connectivity means one less moving part for your IoT business case calculation

As deployment volumes for IoT devices scale up and services enter the mainstream, organizations are challenged to construct solid business cases for their propositions because of variables in connectivity pricing. What’s needed is a simple, clear propo…
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Alarming news – is anyone listening?

People respond to voice warnings; evacuations are speedier when timely information is communicated, says Steve Loughney of Siemens Building Technologies.
Fire alarms blare, warning lights strobe; yet there are no flames or smoke. Building occupants oft…
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