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Life Lessons: Don’t sweat it!

Jason Soroko, CTO-IoT for Sectigo tells Jeremy Cowan he expects predictive maintenance to have a lasting impact on all our lives.
IoT Now: As a child what job did you want to have when you grew up?
Jason Soroko: In general, any job that involved applie…
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Take control of your project with COM-CFHB6

Aaeon, an industry provider of embedded computing, announces the COM-CFHB6 Computer-on-Module. Featuring the 8th and 9th Generation Intel Core Processors, it is built to bring flexible computing to any embedded project. The COM-CFHB6 is built to the COM Express Type 6 form factor. It features a wide range of processors from the Intel Celeron to […]

The post Take control of your project with COM-CFHB6 appeared first on IoT global network.

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PayByPhone takes over as the new cashless parking provider for transport for London’s car parks

PayByPhone, the global provider of mobile parking payments, announced that it will become the cashless parking provider across Transport for London’s (TfL) car parks, which are managed by NCP, from 19 August 2019. Drivers will be able to use PayByPhone’s services to pay for parking at any of TfL’s 80 station car parks, managed by […]

The post PayByPhone takes over as the new cashless parking provider for transport for London’s car parks appeared first on IoT Now Transport.

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IoT – make it safe to connect. We’re here to help.

As an IoT business, you’ll want to make sure your products are successful in the market, you manage your liabilities and you take care of your customers.
IoT Security Foundation’s (IoTSF) mission is to make it safe to connect so the many benefits of Io…
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IoT traffic in the enterprise is rising, and so are the threats

Enterprises around the globe have been adopting Internet of Things (IoT) products to improve organisational efficiency, enhance communications, and to gain insight into system performance. IoT devices have become commonplace in enterprises from all ind…
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