Enabling Always-On Network Availability for Healthcare Providers


The growing popularity of urgent care healthcare services has sparked an expansion of these types of clinics all over the United States. By providing patients with quick, effcient, and quality care with no appointment necessary, urgent Care clinics deliver a superior patient experience.
To deliver this experience though, these healthcare providers are heavily reliant on secure network availability to access various cloud-based applications, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), in order to adhere to HIPAA compliance. To uphold their reputation of convenience, they must also adhere to PCI compliance and ensure point- of-sale systems are always up and running.


Reliably tracking adventure sports with Track the Race and PodM2M connectivity

Inspiration off the beaten track

The Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) is the ultimate in extreme team sport, encompassing several endurance disciplines including navigation, running, canoeing and cycling. Mixed teams of four must find the fastest way to negotiate between 500 and 700 km of challenging terrain. Adventure racing is probably just as far from a cosy workspace as you can get, but it is in these extreme environments that the Trileuco team flourish.