How to Optimize Networks for IoT

Managing networks for IoT is a different discipline to that of smartphone networks because of the different profile of IoT traffic which is subject to pronounced, yet predictable peaks and troughs. Learn how Aeris can help optimize your entire IoT network.

How to Launch IoT Products Successfully

IoT applications and services now are moving from cautious, limited volume trials and pilot projects into mainstream, mass-market deployments. The next set of challenges will revolve around rolling out solutions at scale. Read this white paper to see how Aeris can help.

Choosing The Right Connectvity Infrastructure for Your IoT Applicaton


Five years ago, the decision of whether to build or buy a connectvity infrastructure was relatvely simple. Build. However, that asserton is a bit of a misnomer, because untl recently, purchasing the solutons necessary to power Internet of Things (IoT) applicatons simply wasn’t an available commodity. As a result, only the largest organisatons – with the fnancial resources necessary create an infrastructure from scratch – enjoyed the benefts of machine-to-machine (M2M) connectvity


Enabling Always-On Network Availability for Healthcare Providers


The growing popularity of urgent care healthcare services has sparked an expansion of these types of clinics all over the United States. By providing patients with quick, effcient, and quality care with no appointment necessary, urgent Care clinics deliver a superior patient experience.
To deliver this experience though, these healthcare providers are heavily reliant on secure network availability to access various cloud-based applications, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), in order to adhere to HIPAA compliance. To uphold their reputation of convenience, they must also adhere to PCI compliance and ensure point- of-sale systems are always up and running.