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Addressing the challenges for providers of fleet management solutions

The market for fleet management solutions has a strong positive outlook, despite being a relatively mature sector.
More vehicles are being connected and revenue for services continues to grow. However, for service providers, there are a number of chall…
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Data optimisation for cellular IoT: Part 2

In the part one of the blog Martin Varga of Anritsu Europe said that The Internet of Things is not just about new application and services: it embraces the whole technological spectrum that enables all of these innovations. Control plane EPS optimisation Control plane EPS optimisation transfers the data in non-access stratum PDUs, which means that the user data […]

The post Data optimisation for cellular IoT: Part 2 appeared first on IoT global network.

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Cool IoT Use Cases: Smart sensing system guides drivers to free parking slots

Market overview  Parking slots in urban areas are a resource for which drivers are prepared to pay. However, in today’s economy they expect parking to be service centric, i.e. to be guided to free slots and be able to find their cars quickly when they return. The Problem Meeting driver expectations has to be provided […]

The post Cool IoT Use Cases: Smart sensing system guides drivers to free parking slots appeared first on IoT Now Transport.

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LPWAN: The fastest growing IoT communication technology

Cellular MNOs are increasingly offering access to more than one LPWAN technology

LPWAN will be the fastest growing IoT connectivity technology over the next 5 years.
In recent years, Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technologies have emerged as a v…
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The key problems facing security operations centres today and how AI will help to solve them

The security industry is facing a huge problem and one, which until recently, looked intractable. There are just not enough cyber security operatives in the world’s Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and there are just too many threats that the average…
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